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To bring the bounty from far away, Sea route is the backbone
of our logistics. Dedicated team, work tirelessly to streamline a complex web of process
and procedure to deliver quality goods in time. Real time tracking of goods, from shore to
shore, enables us to take timely decision of placing product in market.

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Fresh and Perishable produce are airlifted to their
destination. We book slots with airlines long back to ensure hassle free, timely deliver of
fruits and vegetables in the target market. Again, all necessary arrangements are taken
care by our highly trained staff.

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Inbound goods are handled by logistic partner companies to
make sure goods arrive at our warehouse, from the port. These are then sorted and
rearranged for further distribution into the network. Similar, Outbound goods are moved
to various port using land transport vehicle. Reefer vans are used to carry perishable
goods from farms to packhouse and then to ports.

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Closing a package

Packaging is at the centre of transportation of
goods. Be it perishable or non-perishable supply, we take measures of international
standard to bring good to you. Packaging of perishable goods and temperature-controlled
items are a special consideration. Right from using customized boxes, to temperature-
controlled road, sea or air travel for them, special care is taken to maintain optimal quality
of the product.

Logistics: Video
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