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A one stop
online shop for retailers to place their order for convenient and timely delivery of
products. A portal where one can browse the entire range of product and related
details. Market place provides comprehensive customer support online as well as
offline to ease out any concern regarding order placed or cancellation. We have
strategically placed warehouses across UK, so that your order is delivered in time. A
secure payment method ensures peace of mind. Market Place address -

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-A fresh initiative to bring the very best exotic
fruits near you. The website allows retail customer to place their booking online of
seasonal fruit in advance. They have the option to select a delivery week as per their
convenience. We aspire to bring the very best from different region of the world onto
your plate. You can reach out to pluck the best fruit basket @

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An online store, catering mouth watering snacks made from super
food – Fox Nut. Crunchy healthy bites, opening your taste buds and also providing vital
minerals and vitamins to your body. A perfect snack for evening tea or drinks. An essential
picnic packs. Come soon online and near to your store.
For more details, please visit us at

Healthy Food
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AloeRadiance UK and India

AloeRadiance UK and India – Flagship entity of the group, ‘Aloeradiance’ brand
range brings natural cosmetic product. Aloe vera, skin care gels are prepared with
proprietary formula and has been effective on all skin tone. You can find us at
major ecommerce website, on your digital devices.

Our range includes:

Body and Skin Gel – When gently applied over body skin, it nourishes the
skin with much needed natural vitamin and result is evident in few weeks. It
also helps to ease minor burn on skin and cuts.

Facial Gel - Special formula for facial skin which hydrate, protects and
rejuvenate skin from harmful effect of chemicals present in day-to-day
cosmetics. We recommend using this by applying gently over face, after
shower, or face wash. The gel is non sticky and gets absorbed in the skin
quickly. You can then apply make if you wish to do so. Significant
improvement in skin texture is visible within couple of weeks.

After waxing – A common problem after waxing in woman at home, is to
find a crème which helps to subside the burning sensation/itching after body
parts have been waxed. Our gel not only apply cool sensation to the skin, but
also helps nourish the body skin with essential vitamins, extracted from Aloe

Aftershave - For men, we have aftershave, which brings soothing feel of
menthol to the facial skin and helps subside irritations from shaving.
Hair Care – A unique blend of herbs with Aloe vera, which helps rejuvenate
hair, helps to reduce hair fall, strengthen and nourishes hair roots. The formula
also acts as excellent conditioner.

You can also visit us for a more personal experiences at the below location
based on your geographical location

United Kingdom -
India -

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